The Cloud Solution Specialist for your Cloud-Native Apps.

• Microservice Architecture Consulting
• PaaS First Cloud Solution
• DevSecOps Integration

Who are we?

We are the total Cloud Solution partner that helps you (re)architecting Apps with Cloud-Native practice, deploying/migrating Apps to Cloud Platform, integrating DevSecOps solution, and Managing Cloud operation. Our ultimate goal is to free you from non-development tasks and focus more on developing new Apps features that enhance business competitiveness.

Cloud-Native Apps Solution

5 Years

Cloud with PaaS first Architecture

5 Years

DevSecOps and Agile Practice

3 Years

Microservice Architecture with Container

5 Years

Hybrid Cloud with On-Premises Integration

5 Years

Software Development Lifecycle

18 Years

Technical Certificates

Let the experts deliver the solutions with the best practice.

What can we do for you?


(Re)Architect your App to be Cloud-Native Ready.

Whether you are migrating on-premises Apps or building a new one, Apps must be Cloud-Native Ready first. Our Software Architect will help you assess and (re)architect Apps with well-known Cloud-Native practices then figure out the right technology stack that fits your Apps. Our “Business logic focus” approach ensures that your development team will only focus on functional requirements. The coding part of non-functional requirements will be minimized and transferred to Cloud Platform capabilities instead.

Implement Cloud platform with PaaS First design.

Without a compatible Cloud Platform, Cloud-Native Apps will run with low performance and limited functionalities. To avoid the issues, we design and implement Cloud Platforms with PaaS First, and Well-Architected Framework approaches. The PaaS First also significantly reduces the administrative overhead of the Operating System (OS) and Runtime (e.g., version upgrading/security patching) by transferring the responsibilities to Cloud Providers. Non-functional requirements will be implemented by Cloud platform capabilities. As a result, these will enable you to focus more on coding more Apps features rather than nonproductivity tasks.

Plan and execute Apps Deployment/Migration

We will not stop by just implementing Cloud Platform and leaving you to deploy your Apps yourself, realizing that this step is critical as several unforeseen issues occur. As the cross-domain expertise, we can help you guide, troubleshoot and solve deployment issues of both Cloud Platform and Apps aspects. The extra technical effort for migrating existing Apps (e.g., from on-premises or another Cloud) is always required. We will work with you to assess, plan and execute the Apps migration. The goal is to ensure the Cloud-Native readiness for Apps, shorten the migration duration and reduce total downtime.

Integrate DevSecOps for Automation and Observability.

Manual processes for Apps building and deployment are prone to human error unrepeatable. Furthermore, it requires high effort from both development and operation teams. These concerns will slow the time-to-market of your Apps. We replace them with Continous Integration (CI) and Continous Deployment (CD) automation processes.

We ensure the identical of all your environments by Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Configuration as Code (CaC). Once your code works for Dev environment, it guarantees that the same code will work for the remaining environments.

We also implement three pillars of observability (Matrics, Log and Trace) which provide you the real-time visibility of your Apps for monitoring, alerts, and troubleshooting.

SAST and DAST tools are integrated into CI/CD pipeline as one of the automation processes. This shifts left the security test to the early stage of App Development process. As a result, it allows Dev and Security teams to uncover and fix vulnerabilities faster with less complexity.

Manage day-2 operation.

We genuinely realize that building Apps to serve business requirements is your top priority and core competency. So let you concentrate on those stuff by offloading the day-2 Cloud Operation and DevSecOps to us. Our experienced technical support team will deliver managed services based on the agreed SLA. With expertise in both Apps development and Cloud Platform fields, we can bridge a gap between your operation and development teams regarding architecture, configuration modification, and troubleshooting parts.

Stack Technology

We continuously explore and evaluate products from well-known vendors to improve our technology stack portfolio and ensure that they are always best-in-class of choice. Also, it empowers us to customize solutions better to fit the individual customer’s requirements and budget effectively and efficiently.

High-Level Architecture.

There is no one size fits all for architecture, but the high-Level Architecture diagrams below will give you an idea. Let’s discuss more and work together to develop the one that meets your requirements.